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The Naicode Model

We believe there is enormous potential in Kenyan youth to excel in tech, specifically as developers. However, proper workspaces and guidance are lacking. NaiCode provides these two things. By providing these two things, NaiCode sets a firm foundation for passionate beginners to grow their skill set and know what to look for, where to look for it, and who to work with.

Internet Access

A stable internet connection is essential for developers, in order to make references online. So we've ensure that our developers have stable high speed internet

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Learning by doing

The class environment encourages participation and questions. Rigorous weekly assignments and readings are a core part of our curriculum. We keep our developers on toes.

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Enough Instructors

Participants interact with instructors in class, during breaks, on Piazza and on the whatsapp. Our environment is friendly, supportive and optimal

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Tech Ecosystem

We aim at exposing our developers to the Nairobi Tech Ecosystem so that they can understand and fit into, and know where to begin after Naicode.

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Wanna be part of Naicode? Wanna benefit from our Development team's skills?

Why Choose Us

Naicode gives it's services as whole, or as individuals, depending with how you like services delivered unto you.

Here is the reason

As Naicode we ensure that we understand the customer's requirements before we do anything to do with finding the solution to the problem. We so much value our customers satisfaction!

Try us and you'll give a hand in what we say

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